Sneaker Wedgie

Odds are that by now you’ve seen the infamous Isabel Marant sneaker wedges on some relevant (or irrelevant) fashionista.

So what’s the with all the hubbub? The fact is that they are amazingly hideous, some hybrid monster between a Reebok pump and a Louboutin wedge. Just like any other heel, they make your legs appear longer, and now as an added bonus, 5 times skinnier in comparison to the suede bricks on your feet. No wonder. Let’s look at the fellow contenders.

Sneaker wedges
Maison Martin Margelia (flat, but weird enough for me)
See by Chloe (my personal favorite, that leather hngg)

If you dare to wear, be sure to pair with skinny jeans or bare legs of some sort. That way you will get the optimum proportions for the ultimate slimming effect. Who wouldn’t want that? And if you need another reason to give yourself a sneaker wedgie,
do they remind you of anything?

Yep. We’ve hit the future.


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