Nudist Jewelry Nails

The other day, to my delight, I found a nail polish basically consisting of confetti in a jar. After resisting the urge to apply 10 coats immediately, I thought to myself, wow this would look lovely over my favorite nude. And thus an uncanny resemblance was discovered.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012

I’m still new to this photographing my hand thing, but they are pretty darn snazzy. Classic with a little party sparkle. Maybe black is next?

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Recent Acquisition: Miu Miu magic

Once upon a time, when two lovely girls were studying abroad in the land of cappuccinos and marble penises, they traveled to the not so distant town of Montevarchi. Their mission was simple: conquer the final frontier. After sharing a cab with a wonderfully rich Asian couple, they happened upon the warehouse where dreams come true, Space. Or in non-mystical terms, the Prada and Miu Miu outlet. That’s right. OUTLET.

Surrounded by the banana skirts and sparkle heels of seasons past, they decided they would not return empty handed, even if that was probably the more practical idea. However, hopes were slowly dying after the rude realization that even at 50% off, everything was still a shit ton of money. Regardless, they pressed on, scanning every nook and cranny to find the perfect splurge-worthy treasure.

After crusading through racks of precious garments, the real gem was found. A Prada LBD appeared, at 100 euros no less. One girl had found her prize. Now the pressure was on. Could lightning strike twice?

While moping through the handbags that she couldn’t afford, the other girl spotted something. A flash of pale pink, a hint of ruffle. Unable to resist feminine embellishment, the girl leaned in close, and found it. A Miu Miu clutch, the gold logo reflecting her excitement. Now the moment of truth. Carefully glancing at the price tag, it read 120 euros.

Sweet success.

So in case you didn’t catch my drift, I got a Miu Miu clutch in Italy when me and my bff Kelsey went to the Prada outlet. And according to this photo, it’s pretty much a fairy princess orgasm.

It also closes by way of two hinges, which makes it look like a pink big mouth bass.
Pretty, right??

The glory.

First photo by David Mendolia, the rest by me, standing over a purse while my neighbors keep wondering.